Free the Prisoners

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Reward: 120xp, 2400g, Scroll of Teleport Pre-req: Joining the Coastal Brotherhood

Enter a prison and rescue a prisoner.

1 - Coastal Brotherhood, Tex Viscous

Speak with Tex after the pre-req quest and he'll ask you for another favor, to Free the Prisoners. Really he's just looking for one, and that's Old Hoarse. The prison is at #2 with a guard near the entrance.

2 - Prison Entrance, Prison Guard

To get past this guard, you can either bribe him successfully for 7000 gold, or attack using any of the other options. The prison is small and you'll find Old Hoarse in the upper left corner from the entrance, guarded by a couple patrols. You can sneak past but every bit of xp helps. Click on Old Hoarse to free him, and when you return to the Coastal Brotherhood, he'll have a shop open for you to the right of the Coastal Brotherhood building.


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