Invasion of the Thorns

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Reward: 65xp, 840g

You can do the first part by finding the Royal Thorn, then you'll need to complete a small quest from the Milkwoman Wilma to finish it up. See below.

1 - Elder Evtid

Speak with him to get the quest.

2 - Royal Thorn

When you reach the royal thorn - a type of creature that can be good to recruit later in the game - you can either attack or be friendly. If you help him out by finding some tasty soil. Return to Evtid about the soil, who will refer you to Milkwoman Wilma at #3 for a cow. You'll need to complete her quest Clear the Vegetable Garden first before she'll sell you a cow. Then pay her the 500g she requires, return the cow to the Royal Thorn who will promise not to attack the peasants anymore and actually turn into a thorn creature merchant, then finally return to Evtid for the good news.

If you choose to attack the thorn, he will not be available as a Thorn merchant after the quest.

3 - Milkwoman Wilma

She gives you another quest before she'll sell you the cow.


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