Fallen Dirigible

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Reward: 100xp, 2600g

This is an easy quest if you can get the high level enemy army near the dirigible to follow you, run in and nab the black box, then out without fighting. However, you might also just wait until after you complete the Freedom Islands to come back and finish it.

1 - Technician Tregum

Speak with the Tregum to begin this quest. You'll need to go through his dialogue once, then speak with him again to ask him about helping him out with spare parts. He'll send you to Arlania to a crashed dirigible to retrieve them.

2 - Crashed Dirigible, Black Box

The dirigible is guarded by high level army so you'll either need to run them out of the area then quickly grab it, or fight. When you recover the black box, head back to Tregum for your reward!


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