Joining the Coastal Brotherhood

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Reward: Member of the Coastal Brotherhood

To complete a few quests, you must become a member of the Coastal Brotherhood.

1 - Coastal Brotherhood, Tex Viscous

Speak with Tex and ask how you become a member of the Coastal Brotherhood. Turns out you can either pay him 20k gold right there, or go through a small dungeon with fairly easy fights. For the xp and potential loot I would choose the underground. When you do, the opening appears right behind him at #2.

If you've chosen to enter the underground, simply find the character named Blind Hugh, and you now have a choice. If you want to be diplomatic, forego his xp for killing him, and pay 10k to join the Brotherhood, choose option #1 which praises Darion, then option #2 which again tells how good Darion is. Then refuse to kill Tex when he asks you. You'll get the key and after a little back and forth with the large door in the north area, be able to exit. If on the other hand you want the xp and don't want to pay choose any other dialogue, defeat him in battle, and head north to the large door to speak and force it to let you by. Exit and speak with Tex again to become a new member!


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