The Mystery of Lyaro Island

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Reward: 77xp, 2100g
Pre-req: A Secret Weapon

This is part of the main quest. Must have completed the pre-req quest to begin this.

1 - Castle Kronberg, King Mark

Speak with the King after the previous quest to receive this new task. You're to travel to Lyaro Island via the nearby dirigible and eliminate whatever problem you find.

2 - Tregum

Speak with Tregum and ask him to fly you to Lyaro Island. Congratulations on your first time off the starting continent!

Once there, it's a simple jaunt up the path to find yourself face to face with a giant turtle, courtsy of the Orc Shaman who summons it. This shaman will play a part later in the game in the elven lands where you have the opportunity to get lots of magic crystals. However, for now, concentrate on finishing off the turle. It should be fairly easy by the time you are finished with the initial four areas, but he does have a few area effect and mass spell attacks.

When the turtle is defeated, you may take any dialogue path you want with the Orc Shaman, it results in the same ending. Afterward, speak with the turtle, and once again, choose to say anything at all, it ends the same way. The turtle becomes your ally and you are to report to the king. Before finishing up with the turtle, you manage to learn two new spells, neither of which are high level spells.

When you fly back to Greenwort and speak to the King, he bestows the title Baron on you and you begin the next main quest, Maps of the Underground. He'll also give you a couple random items, hopefully useful to you, so check your inventory after you accept the next quest. Finally, the armies in the castle should now say "Horde" which means they are unlimited.


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