The Stepbrother

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Reward: 120xp, 5200g
Pre-req: Thorny Dog

The Governor's next quest, a simple errand.

1 - Castle Tripol, Scott Thompson

Speaking with Thompson after the pre-req quest to receive this one. You'll need to head to #2 at Castle Exail to see if you can negotiate an allegiance with Mano Riveres. That is, if you can beat the Wild Duke and his men to it first.

2 - Castle Exail, Mano Riveres

He seems like a cool guy. Speak with him and decide whether to accept his allegiance and attack Wild Duke's men at #3, or simply attack Riveres himself. It's recommended to attack Wild Duke as it still completes the quest, you get to annoy the shady governor, and you get access to his unlimited horde of pirates afterward. Return to Thompson when the job is done for his reward.

3 - Wild Duke

If you choose to attack him instead of Mano, it shouldn't pose too much of a problem.


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