Subdue Bagaba

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Reward: 120xp, 3300g

This small series of quests related to the frogs are interdependent on each other. This is the first one.

1 - Brown Hlezn, Frogus Squelch

Speak with Frogus Squelch to begin this quest. He'll ask that you convince his brother Bagaba at #2 to hoist his flag.

2 - Castle Mudin, Frogus Bagaba

Bagaba unfortunately is not convinced easily, so it is to battle that you go. It is not very difficult. After you defeat his army, Bagaba relents to Squelche's wish, and now simply return to Squelch to complete the quest! However, speak with Bagaba again to get another quest, The Enthrallment of Bogis.


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