Laboratory 44

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Reward: 200xp, 3 Might Runes

Defeat the spider boss. This is a tough fight so you should come back after at least Taron Mines is complete, maybe even later.

1 - Inspector Bon Gan

Speak with the Inspector to begin the quest. You'll need to go through the gate that he opens and at the end find and defeat the giant spider boss. It can be a tough fight if you haven't yet completed most of the quests here, so I'd recommend either saving and trying once to get the hang of the battle, or coming back when you're more powerful.

2 - Giant Spider

The spider fight is typical in that he throws out groups of low level spiders as bait, but that the boss changes sides during battle can make it tough for your army to find a way over to it, especially if you're mostly melee. Return to Bon Gan when it's defeated for your reward - and congratulations!


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