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Reward: 91xp, 2 magic runes

Takes you into Marshan Swamp. You might want to wait until you complete most of Verlon Forest and Arlania before coming here.

1 - Knights' Temple, Master Richard

Speak with Master Richard to receive this quest. He'll give you a purse to take to the Temple in Marshan Swamp at #2.

Note: If you use the purse in your inventory, then you'll get an option to steal all or half of the 500 gold coins inside. However, if you do this, then Priest Owen will notice, and you'll have to pay him 500 gold coins to keep him happy and complete the quest. Since the quest reward is 2 magic runes, which are way more valuable than 500 gold coins, you shouldn't steal anything.

2 - Temple, Priest Owein

After speaking with the priest, simply return to the knights' temple and speak with Aron Demion to receive your reward!


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