The Ghost of Gostrim

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Reward: 77xp, 2400g

Nearby quest with easy battles, and spawns the quest Kill the Ghost.

1 - Ghost of Baron Gostrim

Speak with the ghost to begin this quest. If you attack him, you'll not receive the quest. Then head to the nearby castle to have a word with Baron Norge, at #2.

2 - Castle Gefen, Baron Norge

When speaking with the Baron, if at any time you attack him, simply win the easy castle challenge, head back to the ghost and collect your reward. If however you hear the Baron out and accept his quest to Kill the Ghost, mentioned above, you can get another 1000g from it. To get this, don't kill the Baron outright, but choose the other option, accept his quest to kill the ghost, head back to the ghost and ask for more money to kill the Baron. He'll agree, then come back and complete his quest. It is not possible to complete both.


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