The Seven Forms of Haas

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Reward: 4400xp, Dragon Cloak, recruit dragons, instant travel through labyrinth

This quest, while including some difficult fights, is almost mandatory and worth it as you'll have to travel through the labyrinth anyway. There are seven dragon hero characters roaming around the many-roomed labyrinth. You'll have to defeat them all then return back through the labyrinth to the quest giver to finish.

Each area has from one to 3 portals that lead to another area. There are 26 areas in total and they are all small in size. The entrance is in area 1 and the exit in area 26. There is an outdoor section and indoor section. Most of the time you can simply backtrack while remembering some of the consistent landmarks, such as named buildings or block towers. Infrequently, a portal you just went through will lead to a different area than from whence you came, but you'll always be able to find your way back eventually. It's really not that bad, just somewhat confusing and hey, here's a guide to it anyway!

Each area is noted by its landmark, then the areas the portals lead to (including the one you just came through). The dragons are spread evenly throughout, but 3 of the 7 are in the outdoor areas, and 4 of the 7 are in the indoor areas.

1 - Haas' Labyrinth, Dragon Skaar

As soon as you enter the labyrinth, you'll find yourself in conversation with Dragon Skaar. Simply asking "How can I help?" will bring up this quest. Your goal will be to defeat all 7 incarnations of Haas, all in the form of a dragon (with dragon units in the army). I'll be posting the info on how to go through the labyrinth here and also within another quest, Dragon's Labyrinth.

When you defeat the last incarnation (for me it was Reige in area 25), I'd recommend exiting through area 26 to Murock, speaking with the Orc Commander there (automatic), then backtracking through the labyrinth to area 1 using the guide and return to Skaar for the reward. Then exit back to Ellinia. The next time you enter the huge gate to the labyrinth you'll be asked if you want to fast track through to the end. Then do so! Never does the labyrinth need to bother you again.

Outdoor Areas:
(1) Pirate's Hut >>> (2) (4) (EXIT back to Ellinia)
(2) Block Tower >>> (3) (1)
(3) Temple of Delights >>> (2)
(4) Magic Garden >>> (5) (6) (1)
(5) Dragon's Den and Face >>> (8) (4)
(6) Witch's Hut >>> (7) (9) (4)
(7) Family Crypt >>> (8) (6)
(8) Giant Mushroom >>> (9) (7) (5)
(9) Cliff w/ Viking Ship Below >>> (10) (8)
(10) Viking Ship >>> (11) (9)

Indoor Areas:
(11) Forester's House >>> (12) (10)
(12) Block Tower and Rock >>> (13) (11)
(13) Odlom >>> (14) (12)
(14) Wagon Wheel >>> (15) (16) (13)
(15) Tree w/ Cocoons >>> (17) (19) (14)
(16) Block Tower and Central Rock >>> (19) (24) (14)
(17) Dragon's Den Down Side Path >>> (18) (15)
(18) Stone Face >>> (17) (13)
(19) Smithy >>> (20) (16) (15)
(20) Knight's Tent >>> (21) (19)
(21) Dragon's Den and Pond >>> (22) (22 via different portal) (20)
(22) Ancient Altar >>> (23) (21)
(23) Magic Tree >>> (24) (22)
(24) Stone Fence >>> (25) (23) (21)
(25) Elven Statue >>> (26) (24)
(26) Tyrhat >>> (EXIT to Murock) (25)


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