You Only Die Once a Night
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During your visit to Hollywood's cemetary in the Dead Ex quest, you'll come across a larger building in the center of the graveyard. Here you'll meet the caretaker, Romero, who will tell you that the dead have been trying to break out of the cemetary every night for several months now. Romero would like to step away from his post guarding the gates for five minutes and asks if you'd be willing to watch the place while he's gone. This is an extremely difficult quest, so if you'd rather do something else, decline his offer and instead take the Pimpin' For Romero quest.

If you choose to stand guard during Romero's absence, he'll give you his weapon of choice - the 'Jaime Sue' rifle - to take care of the rising undead. Once Romero leaves, you'll be given five minutes to keep the peace. Grab the .38 Ammo from the chest in Romero's shack, then start patroling the yard.

It won't be long before numerous undead begin to spring from their graves. These zombies are typical of the ones from classic horror flicks - they'll mindlessly maneuver around the graveyard in search of human brains. Should one get within arm's reach of you, they'll latch on and you'll be helpless for several seconds while it unpleasantly feeds on your skull. So, the best strategy here is to keep your distance and shoot at their heads. A head shot instantly kills them.

The zombie will relentlessly attempt to beat down the two different gates here in the cemetary (one on each end). To successfully complete the quest, you must make haste between each gate and destroy any zombies that are attempting to escape. Since the gates are a considerable distance apart, this will prove to be quite difficult. Only focus on those zombies that are a major threat to the gates (the ones that spawn the closest), or you'll never make the full five minutes.

Should you successfully keep the undead at bay, Romero will return quite pleased. You'll immediately receive three points of Experience, and Romero will offer to give you a couple boxes of ammo or to train your Firearms skill (on top of letting you keep the rifle). Choose whichever fits your tastes, then return to the streets of Hollywood.