Camarilla Ending
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The Anarchs aren't up to the task and siding with the Kuei-jin would be a disgrace to your kind. You want the Camarilla to control the city, but you don't want Prince LaCroix to stay in power. The only person that will support your cause is Maximillian Strauss at the Tremere chantry in the Downtown district. Telling the cab driver to bring you to the chantry will not be an option unless you first figured out The Regent's Riddle and you did the Gargoyle Removal Service quest without revealing Strauss' secret to Isaac.

When you tell Strauss that LaCroix has been part of an alliance with the Keui-jin, he is determined that the Prince must be dealt with quickly and severely. He will ask you to show your loyalty to the Tremere by first infiltrating the Golden Temple and retrieving the key for the sarcophagus and then disposing of the Prince for his recent actions. Check out our Ming Must Die! and LaCroix Must Die! sections for all the details you need to accomplish these two goals.

During the ending cinematic with Prince LaCroix, Strauss will show up and commend you on a job well done. Even though you possess the key, Strauss does not want the sarcophagus opened. Instead, he has the tomb hidden away inside an expansive warehouse where it can be forgotten about for ages to come. Congratulations on finishing the game!