Italian Dinner
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The Italian Dinner quest is triggered after you take Gary's phone call at the end of the I Spy Barabus quest. This quest has you traveling to the Giovanni Stronghold to obtain the Ankaran Sarcophagus, if they have it. It just so happens that the Giovanni are having a private reunion and nobody is getting into the mansion without an invitation. As with several other quests in the game, you can use social skills, stealth, or combat to get what you need here.

If you want to start off with a social route, speak with the man and woman near the fountain when the cab drops you off. With a little Persuasion, you can convince the man that his wife is going to vomit and he should take her home. When they leave, they both leave their Giovanni Invitations. Grab one (or both) and walk up to the large bodyguard at the mansion's entrance. He wants to see your invitation, so hand one over and he'll let you in. Getting inside the mansion nets you two points of Experience.

There are three members of the Giovanni family in the main chamber of the mansion that you're going to want to talk to. The idea here is to get dirt on each one and then reveal that info to the other two for rewards and Experience gains. It is extremely difficult to learn all of their faults, but you can still earn cash and Experience for even one or two of them. The woman wearing red just inside is Mira Giovanni. With the perfect use of Seduction (pick the line that she looks like most women wish they could), Mira will show interest in you. Next, ask her to go somewhere alone with you and she'll say she can't. With a little Persuasion, you can eventually learn that Mira tried using drugs and is now HIV positive (although some of the dialogue appears to be broken). Telling Mira about Adam and Christopher's faults nets you a point of Experience and $100 for each one.

The guy by the pillar just beyond Mira is Adam, an investment banker. He'll try selling you a share of a biotech company, but keep quizzing him about his own investments to eventually learn that he has "fallen on hard times" himself. Revealing Mira or Christopher's secret to Adam nets you a Gold Ring and a Fancy Watch.

Farther back, toward the stairs, is a guy named Christopher. This guy is tough to crack, but with the right dialogue options you can get him to reveal that he's not actually a member of the Giovanni family. Telling him Mira or Adam's secrets doesn't get you any cash or items, but you still get a point of Experience for each one. On top of the Experience you received for revealing the secrets, you also get an additional point of Experience when two secrets have been revealed to the third person.

Once you've successfully revealed two of the Giovanni secrets (or given up), pay a visit to the woman wearing a white dress on the right side of the room. With a little Seduction skill, you can learn that her name is Nadia and eventually convince her to take you somewhere quieter so you can... talk. Nadia leads you into the library, where she pulls a lever and reveals a pathway down into the mansion's embalming room (before leaving the library, though, be sure to grab the Dodge II manual lying on the desk). Her sexual desires are a bit weird, so simply feed on her blood until she's lifeless.

Of course, you can always reach this section of the mansion by either taking a stealthy or combat approach. The only real differences (other than the whole family dirt debacle) are that you'll either be traveling through the secret tunnel system in the mansion or blasting through everything that stands in your way - including Bruno, a boss fight. Additionally, you're going to have to find the switch in the library on your own to gain access to the embalming room.

No matter how you made it to the lower levels of the mansion, grab the Giovanni Book off the countertop, which is a requirement for the Occultish Personality quest. Next, pick the lock on the door (lockpick skill of 8+ required) or pull the lever at the operating table to access the zombie-filled catacombs below the mansion.

Not far up the first hallway is a side entrance on your right. Clear out the zombies in this room, then grab the Saulocept lying on one of the slabs. Continue on through the door at the end of the hall, which will take you down to a lower level. The hallways in this lower level contain grates that can open up when you walk on them. If you fall down into the pit of zombies, use the secret door on one of the walls to access a ladder going back up.

Continue slashing or blasting your way through hordes of zombies as you walk through the hallways of this level. Eventually, you'll come to a central location with one door leading into it. Move inside, kill the zombies, then open the next door to reveal a set of stairs going down to yet another lower level.

This last level is the resting area for the Ankaran Sarcophagus, and discovering it will get you two points of Experience. The sarcophagus is not without its guardians, though. Two Kuei-jin stand guard over the coffin and no amount of pleading will let you take it. You will be subjected to a little bit of conversation, though, where you'll learn that Prince LaCroix and Ming Xiao have some sort of alliance going on. Regardless, you're going to have to fight the Blade and Claw Brothers.

Both brothers pack a pretty serious punch. Although they both specialize in melee weapons, they can also toss mystical balls that inflict a sizeable amount of damage. Just keep moving around the arena and use whatever weapon you're most comfortable with. Once they are both dead, you'll be shown a cutscene of the sarcophagus being loaded up and being brought to Prince LaCroix.

If your character is a Nosferatu... then you will not be able to use any of the social options listed above. Use the stealthy or combat approach to make your way through the stronghold.