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While researching the whereabouts of the Nosferatu agent in the I Spy Barabus quest, you must seek help from Wong Ho, owner of the Red Dragon restaurant. However, when you first speak to Wong, he will tell you that his daughter Kiki was kidnapped by the Tong, a local street gang. Before you can offer to help him, Wong receives a phone call from an unknown individual. Once he's done talking, Wong tells you that he now knows where Kiki is being held and that he will help you in any way that he can if you rescue his daughter for him. She's being held at the Lotus Blossom, a massage parlor at the end of the alley across the road.

To get through the Lotus Blossom with the least amount of resistance, sneak through the first door on the right, go up the stairs, and then head through the first door on your left with a lockpick skill of 7+. Then, once you've freed Kiki, either try to backtrack in a stealthy manner or just make a run for the door. Depending on when you're seen, you'll most likely get outside without taking much (or any) damage. However, if you want to get your hands on a few trinkets and cash located in the facility, then your best bet is to go in and just start shootin'.

If you take the combat approach, stay on the first floor and move up to the second door on the right to grab a Gold Ring lying on the floor. Next, go through the last door on the right to snag a Fancy Watch, once again lying on the floor. Move back to where you entered the building, go through the first door on the right, and take the stairs to the second floor. If you don't have a lockpick skill of 7 or higher, grab the key to Kiki's door in the room just across from the stairs. Before rescuing her, though, move up into the hallway and through the first door on your right to find a money envelope with $250 lying on the floor. Backtrack to the locked door right at the top of the stairs and either use the key or pick the lock to find Kiki being held in a closet. Release her for four points of Experience, then lead her out of the building via the nearby stairs.

When you return to the Red Dragon restaurant and speak with Wong Ho, you'll be awarded another two points of Experience. Wong will tell you that he doesn't know why the Tong took Kiki, but he thinks the problem goes much deeper than just a bunch of thugs. In fact, Wong thinks that someone is providing money and supplies for the Tong, which would explain why their numbers have been growing. With a little Persuasion or Intimidation, you can get Tong to admit that he thinks that Ming Xiao's appearance in Chinatown may have something to do with the Tong's growing strength.

Once you've learned that Ming Xiao may not be everything she seems to be, Wong will address the reason you arrived here in the first place - to find Barabus. This will trigger another quest altogether called Original Gangster.