A Bounty For the Hunter
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This quest is obtainable at any time by talking to Arthur Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick's Bail Bonds, but you'll most likely receive it during the Thinned Blood quest if you decide to tackle it. Arthur will tell you that his current bounty hunter has gone missing and would like you to find out what happened to him. If you accept, he'll give you Carson's Apartment Key, which will get you into apartment #1 at 24 Main (the same building Mercurio lives in).

There are five items of interest in Carson's apartment: a Tattoo Parlor Key on top of his television set, a recording on his answering machine, a money clip with $25, a Silver Ring on the floor by his coffee table, and a laptop computer. Log into the 'mcgee' application on the computer with the password of "Imalia" to learn that Carson is hiding out at the Tattoo Parlor (lucky you found that key, eh?). If you have a lockpick skill of 8 or higher, pop open Carson's trunk to find a Video Tape called Jock Shot's Swimsuit Shoot. This will be used for an unofficial quest much later in the game, so you'll probably want to come back for it if you don't have a high enough skill level yet.

Leave the apartment complex and make your way to the left in order to reach the Devil's Brand Tattoo Parlor. Use the key to gain access through the front door, then head downstairs where the phone is ringing non-stop. Answer the call to speak with Stan Gimble, a maker of prosthetic devices who is also wanting to speak with McGee about some modeling work. Since McGee is obviously not here at the parlor, agree to take his place and model for Mr. Gimble.

Gimble's Prosthetics is a small basement studio located at the end of Main Street. Go down the flight of stairs to the studio's entrance and ring the buzzer to have Gimble let you in. Once you enter the waiting room, Stan will go in the back room to get his "equipment" so that your modeling job can get started. Don't wait around for him to return, though. Instead, follow him into the back room to find that the good doctor is obviously doing some disturbing things here at his prosthetic studio. Search the back room refrigerator for a Blood Pack, then continue further in.

Pass by the first few twisted rooms and down a couple flights of stairs to eventually find Gimble's primary "operating" room. Walk toward the cell to your right to hear a man pleading for you to release him. Before you can do so, though, Gimble will emerge from a set of doors wielding nothing but A Severed Arm. You'll be forced to kill the deeply disturbed individual (which will get you a point of Experience), after which you can release the man from the cell. As it turns out, the man in the cell is Carson, but he no longer wants to work for Kilpatrick after this bizarre episode with Gimble.

Return to Arthur and explain to him that Carson no longer wants to be his bounty hunter. This will get you another point of Experience and $201 as a reward. Additionally, Arthur will offer you another job to find a man named Mike Durbin, which will activate the Jumpin' the Bail quest. To help you with this new quest, Kilpatrick will tell you to ask Trip at the pawnshop to sell you some additional weaponry.