The Ghost Haunts at Midnight
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During the Explosive Beginning quest, Therese Voerman will ask you to take care of a spirit at the Ocean House Hotel. The only way to get to the hotel is through a tunnel in the sewers, so grab the Sewer Key she offers you and make your way to the nearest manhole. The tunnel you're looking for is beyond a previously inaccessible locked gate and is marked "Access Point A."

Once you're back up on dry land, head over to the small shed in front of the hotel and grab the Ocean House Front Door Key off the wall. Then, make your way up to the hotel and prepare yourself for one of the scarier gaming experiences you've ever had.

Since the hotel is haunted, you'll be subjected to all sorts of freaky incidents once inside - flying objects, eerie sounds, and the occasional glimpse of a woman's ghost or a long-dead axe murderer. To add to the suspense, read the newspapers as you traverse the hotel to get an idea of exactly what happened to cause the haunting in the first place. Your first direction should be up the stairs, which will collapse as soon as you step on them. Now that you're in the basement, make your way down the tunnel and hang a right to find a room with a damaged wall that you can break through.

The next room contains a newspaper that reads "Child's Severed Head Found in Hotel Laundry Room!", which will then trigger one of the washers to start running in the nearby laundry room. Head over to the room and open the washer to find a Boiler Room Key. The boiler room is downstairs and can be reached through the door with a red light just outside of it. Once down there, navigate through the boilers to the power switch at the back of the room. Fire everything up and then dodge your way through the rupturing tanks back to your original starting position here in the basement. The elevator just down the other hall is now useable.

Take the elevator to the second floor, then head across to the other side into the parent's hotel room. Grab the Upstairs Key from the nightstand, then return to the other side of the second floor and enter the last room (which just so happens to have the ghastly image of a woman pointing at it...). Break the board covering the hole in the floor and drop down to the bar where yet another newspaper provides a clue to the happenings here in the hotel. Next, climb inside the small elevatar shaft at the end of the bar and take it down to the kitchen.

After reading the diary lying on the counter, you should have a pretty good idea of the events that transpired here in the hotel. This information will trigger yet another quest called Spiritual Release, where the remainder of this hotel will be covered.

When you return to The Asylum with the pendant in hand, Jeanette will be the only one on the second floor to speak with. Whatever you do, don't give her the pendant or you will fail this quest (although giving her the pendant can lead to a sexual encounter with Jeanette later on...). Refusing to give Jeanette the pendant earns you a point of Experience, as well. In Therese's absence, Jeanette will ask you to visit the Gallery Noir to destroy some paintings (invoking the Slashterpiece quest). She'll even give you a Knife to do so and request that you steal the charity box while you're there. Do as she says, then return once again to The Asylum to speak with Therese, after which this quest will be completed.