Calling Dr. Grout
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After achieving all three objectives for Prince LaCroix at the Elizabeth Dane, he will ask you to investigate the disappearance of the Malkavian Primogen, Dr. Aleister Grout. To begin the quest, you'll need to travel to Grout's Mansion, which can be accessed via the taxi/sewer area map.

Upon your arrival, you'll be shown a cutscene of Nines Rodriguez just leaving. He'll act very strange when you speak to him and will seem surprised to see you here. After a few more words are exchanged, Nines will take off and you'll be able to enter the mansion without a hitch.

Dr. Grout's mansion is very large and difficult to navigate, but makes for one of the most unique experiences in the game. Throughout the mansion, you'll encounter both male and female ghouls that are obviously suffering from a heavy case of insanity. The female ghouls can easily be taken out before they even know you're there, but the male ghouls will prove to be much more difficult, so be careful. You're also going to have to solve a few puzzles to make it all the way through this place, so read on for all the information you'll need. To provide a little background information about the eccentric Dr. Grout, several recording devices are located throughout the mansion. I recommend donning a straightjacket if you're going to listen to them, though.

When you initially enter the mansion, head down the right hallway and duck underneath the furniture. Continue through the door at the far end, where you'll witness a male ghoul laughing hysterically at a candle mechanism on the wall. Blast the ghoul from a distance, then investigate the three candles. Pull on the left candle, then the right candle, and finally the middle candle to open a previously locked door. Before leaving this library, though, grab the Scarlet Torkelson: Circus Performer tome lying on the floor. This will get you a free point of Dodge talent.

Return to the main entrance room and take the left hallway this time. The door at the far end is now unlocked, so prepare yourself for battle and head through. Kill the male ghoul quickly, then make short work of the helpless females in the room's corners. Walk to the end of the room and pull the candle mechanism on the left wall to open a trap door at the top of the stairs. Move up the stairs and kill the male and female ghoul that greet you on the next level. Walk forward into the next room, then left down the stairs to reach a spiraling staircase. Take the staircase up to a walkway on top of the mansion where you'll get a nice view of the Los Angeles skyline.

Head down the next spiraling staircase and blast the female ghoul waiting for you at the bottom. Proceed past her down two more flights of stairs and through the door on your left. Another male ghoul and three female ghouls await you in the next large checkered room. Cross the room to the door at the far end, which will bring you to a room with a fireplace and two more female ghouls. Click the button above the fireplace to gain access to the room on the other side, where an additional pair of female ghouls await you.

Continue along the path in front of you until you reach the upper floor of the library you were in previously. Open the trap door going down, then move forward to another candle puzzle. Pull on the mechanisms until all three are lit up, then pull on the middle lever again to reveal a hidden door behind a bookcase on the lower level. As a side note, if you don't want to do the candle puzzle, you can also access this hiddden door by activating a particular book on one of the bookshelves. Regardless of which way you handle it, descend the ladder below the trap door and go through this newly revealed walkway. The hallway beyond will bring you down into a stone basement with several electricity machines that you must pass to continue on. Pull the lever immediately to your left to shut off one of the machines. Next, move forward into the middle of the machine and go to your left to find the Tarulfang occult item and another lever. Pull this next lever to shut off another electricity machine, then move through the area that no longer contains lightning. Continue doing this until you've shut off all the machines and you can reach the far side. Pull the final lever in the hallway past the machines to unlock Grout's inner sanctum, which will get you one point of Experience.

Move forward to the next door, which will bring you back to the mansion's entrance. Go down the left hallway again and into the checkered room with the large staircase. The door at the back of the room leads into Grout's inner sanctum, so that's where you're headed next. Zone inside, then kill the handful of ghouls in the room on the right. Move to the back of this room and grab the Laboratory Refrigerator Key, then head into the room straight ahead from the entrance and into the refrigerator itself to grab three Blood Packs and two Elder Vitae. Good stuff to have.

Now, from the entrance to the inner sanctum, move down the stairs to your left until you reach another checkered hallway. Three ghouls reside here, so take them out, then pick the door on the left (5 skill required), if you can. Inside this room is a trunk with some pistol and shotgun ammo, or the weapons themselves if you don't already have them (or sold them). A secret door can be found just outside this room with the ammo, but it really isn't required unless you're trying to avoid more ghouls. Otherwise, you can just take a direct route through the double doors at the end of the hall and kill all opposition in your way. Several cells line the walls of this entire hallway, and the secret door mentioned earlier will only briefly get you into a hallway above them.

At the end of this checkered hallway, you'll go through a door that will bring you down to an unfinished portion of the mansion. Here, you'll find some wooden planks that you can ascend up to the next floor. Kill the ghoul on this new floor, then head through the only door in the room and up the stairs to the next door. Beyond this door is a room full of oddities. A woman (Dr. Grout's wife?) stands at the center of the room, completely encased in glass. The door beyond her is locked with no apparent way through. To get past the door, activate the music player near the entrance and the woman will turn around inside the glass, thus unlocking the door.

Finally! Zone through this last door into Dr. Grout's bedroom and you'll see why he hasn't been answering LaCroix's phone calls. After a short cutscene, you'll be awarded a point of Experience and the mansion will shake from an explosion. Move to the balcony outside the room and you'll enter conversation with someone named Bach, who apparently hates vampires and has set the mansion on fire. He claims he didn't kill Dr. Grout, though, and runs off before you can retaliate against him. Jump down from the balcony and start taking down the flaming ghouls as quickly as you can. These creatures are extremely dangerous, since they'll start you on fire by simply getting in close proximity. Go through the doors that are not enshrouded in fire until you find a way back up to the second floor to the balcony Bach was standing on. Kill the remaining flaming ghouls, if you have sufficient life, but keep moving until you eventually reach a dead end room. Open the window and your character will automatically jump out and land safely on the ground outside the mansion.

Return to the Prince and report Grout's demise to earn three points of Experience. LaCroix will then send you on a mission to recover the Ankaran Sarcophagus from the Museum of Natural History, activating the Patron of the Ancient Arts quest. Before you head to the museum, though, hit the Prince up for some cash. He'll fork over $300 to make sure you don't go ill-equipped.