Bad Blood
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After you piss off Therese by giving Jeanette the pendant from the The Ghost Haunts at Midnight or by destroying the paintings in the Slasterpiece quest, she'll tell you that the only way the feud with Bertram Tung will be called off is if you meet her sister at the Surfside Diner and assure her that Therese does not want to harm her.

Leave The Asylum and run across the street to the Diner. As soon as you reach the meeting spot at the back of the building, the four thugs near the entrance will open fire on you. Once you've dispatched of them (netting you two points of Experience), the phone near your meeting spot will begin to ring. When you answer it, Jeanette will frantically tell you that she locked herself in the upstairs bathroom of The Asylum because Therese was threatening her with a pistol. She also explains that Therese hired the thugs to kill you for the damage you did at the Gallery Noir during the Slashterpiece quest. This will begin the Sibling Rivalry quest and complete this one. Before rushing to Jeanette's aid though, be sure to grab the Utica M37 from one of the thug's corpses.