Thinned Blood
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When you first arrive at the Santa Monica beach, talk with the guy named E. (the strange man with no shirt on). He'll tell you about problems he and his buddies have had ever since they were brought into vampirism. Apparently, they're not full vampires, but instead called "Thin Bloods", due to the fact that they still retain many human characteristics. E. doesn't understand what a "Thin Blood" is and wants you to investigate it for him.

In addition to his quest for knowledge about his condition, E. is also depressed because he and Lily, the woman that sired him, parted on rocky terms (blood sucking can do that to a relationship...). He sounds like he'd like to be reunited with her, and since she's the person who would likely know more about the "Thin Blood" condition, you're going to need to track her down. E. mentions that you may want to look for her at the Surfside Diner, so that's going to be your first stop.

The person you need to speak with at the diner is Doris, an old waitress that can usually be found behind the cash register. If you have a few points in Persuasion, you can convince her that you're the health inspector and accept a bribe for $50 before even mentioning Lily. Once you do, though, Doris will tell you that Lily was in the Diner one evening and left her purse. Since you seem to know who she is, Doris gives you the purse to return to Lily (you can also just steal the purse off the back counter). Inside the purse is a photo, some car keys, and a Bail Bond for a man named Rolf Toten. Next stop? Kilpatrick's Bail Bonds.

Leave the diner, do a quick 180 degree turn, and follow the street to Kilpatrick's. Arthur Kilpatrick isn't a whole lot of help about Lily's Bail Bond, but he does offer you a job to find a bounty hunter of his named Carson. Accept the job and you'll activate the A Bounty For the Hunter quest. Before working on that quest, though, let's finish this one. Step over to Kilpatrick's Krimeputer and do a search for "s-z" to find that Rolf Toten is listed. Bring up his record and you'll learn that he owns a red '77 Lightningbird car (California plate #GUYCONI), which you'll no doubt find at the parking ramp.

The car in question is parked in "1E" at the parking ramp. Open the trunk with Lily's keys to find a Tire Iron and Lily's diary. This will net you one point of Experience and another lead on Lily's whereabouts. Her last entry in the diary mentions that she's going to break into the Medical Clinic in order to steal some blood.

Make your way through the air ducts on the second floor of the clinic (I'm assuming you already did this previously when trying to get into Dr. Malcolm's office) and navigate through them down to the first floor where you originally found Malcolm's key. Descend the stairs just outside of this room and you'll end up down in the Morgue. Log into the computer using the password of "Cowbell" and bring up the 'cadavers' application to learn that a Jane Doe was found with only one pint of blood. Next, move the boards blocking the hole into the laundry room and step through to get to yet another section of rooms (behind the guy named Vandal selling blood packs).

One of these rooms at the end of the hallway contains a computer with a 'freezers' application. Log into it using the "ambrosia" password and bring up the 'pass-code' to get a four-digit number (1969) you'll need to unlock Lily's freezer (alternatively, you can gain a point of Experience by instead using Persuasion to get the code from Phil in the other room). However you obtained the code, head over to the freezers and use it to open a hidden door into the room where Lily is being held. Release her from her chair and she'll pounce on the first doctor that enters the room, draining him of all his blood. Afterwards, she'll tell you a bit about "Thin Bloods", which will net you a point of Experience and a rank in Humanity. You can then mention that E. would like to see her if you'd like to see the two vampiric love birds hook up again. If you're feeling a little evil, you can threaten to tell E. that she killed the doctor, and even pursue the threats when you meet up with her again at the Santa Monica beach.

Once Lily is gone, the blood-selling Vandal approaches you and voices his anger that you've let Lily go and a doctor that he wanted to kill is now dead. He threatens to cut off your blood supply, but you have a few options to change his mind. First, you can simply pay Vandal $100 and he'll overlook the whole incident. Secondly, with enough Intimidate or Persuasion, you can convince Vandal to retract his decision to cut off your blood supply. Thirdly, as the most evil option, you can go speak with the woman named Danielle in The Asylum and try to convince her to come to the Medical Clinic to - unknowingly - take Lily's place. If you choose the third option, it will open up a quest called Replanting a Lily.

Return to the Santa Monica beach and speak with E. to get another point of Experience and to complete the quest.

If your character is a Malkavian... you have the opportunity to plant laughter into Vandal's head, which causes him to start laughing hysterically. He then completely forgets that he was angry about the loss of Lily. Similar to using Persuasion or Intimidation, but a little more interesting.