Sibling Rivalry
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This quest will begin after you've killed all four hitmen in the Surfside Diner during the Bad Blood quest. Jeanette will call you on the phone at the back of the diner to explain that she's locked herself up in the bathroom because her sister Therese is threatening her with a gun.

Race back over to The Asylum and take the elevator to the second floor. You'll walk in to find Therese and Jeanette in a heated argument (in the same body - apparently it's just one woman suffering from multiple personality disorder...), where some dark secrets about their past get revealed. You can interject with your own comments throughout the argument, which will sway things one way or another.

There are three different scenarios that can occur here - you can side with Jeanette for five points of Experience, you can side with Therese for five points of Experience, or you can convince them to coexist for six points of Experience. The last solution will require four ranks of Persuade, though, so it may or may not be an option for your character. Regardless of the spat's outcome, this quest will be completed and you will be given the opportunity to meet with Bertram Tung within an old oil tank at the Sunco Gasoline facility just down the street.