The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus
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This quest begins at the very end of the Downtown district when Prince LaCroix asks you to travel to Hollywood and find Gary, the Nosferatu Primogen that must have revealed the location of the Ankaran Sarcophagus to the thieves that stole it from the Museum of Natural History. To start your search for Gary, you must speak with Isaac Abrams, the Baron of Hollywood. You'll find this guy through the back entrance of the Abrams Golden Age Jewelry store.

Isaac will ask for a token of respect from you since you're new to the area, which will trigger a quest called Dead Ex. That quest will eventually lead into the Snuff is Enough quest, and then later into the Going the Way of Kings quest. At the completion of the Going the Way of Kings quest, you will enter the Nosferatu Warrens, a multi-level area of the game that can be difficult to navigate. Getting through is not actually a quest, but since it gets you to Gary, I'll cover it here.

Nosferatu Warrens, Level One

Go through the doors from the Tzimisce's basement and enter the Warrens through a broken cement sewage pipe. Expect plenty of resistance from the demonic creatures in the snuff film, since they inhabit most sections of the Warrens. Emerging from the pipe, grab the clipboard from the dead worker to learn about investigations into the strange sightings here in the sewers conducted by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The clipboard will eventually account for the last few moments of the worker's life.

Open the metal grating with the lever to its right, then blast the headrunner on the other side. Take a left at the intersection, then walk all the way down to the grating at the end and crouch through the sewer pipe to your left. This will bring you back around to the other side of the middle grating you were previously unable to get around. Take a right out of the sewer pipe, waste the headrunner, then open the next grate with the lever beside it. Take a left at the next intersection and go through the service door on your right. This small room contains a desk and a set of stairs up to the Hollywood's main sewers. Use these stairs if you want to go back for ammo or blood supply. Otherwise, grab the ledger from the desk to learn more about the investigations here in the sewers.

Exiting the service room, pick the lock of the door just across the hallway (skill level of 5 required). You'll be able to grab a nice assortment of ammo in a crate within this room, including .38 Ammo, 12 Gauge Shells, High Velocity Rounds, and more. Go back to the intersection and head the opposite direction this time, taking a left at the next intersection you reach. Make the next right, then crouch into the second sewer pipe on your right. This tunnel will bring you to a small chamber, where another sewer pipe leads to a previously inaccessible hallway of this first Warrens level. This final hallway leads into a water-filled room, where activating the Emergency Release Valve on the right wall will flush you down to the second level of the Warrens.

Nosferatu Warrens, Level Two

When you arrive on the second level, you'll be completely submerged in water. Follow the tunnel toward the rotating water blades, but make sure you grab the ladder on your left before you drift too far or you'll be suffering a final death. Once out of the water, kill the headrunners in the four sewer pipes, then crawl over to the next waterway. Grab a barrel from the far corner and toss it into the water. As soon as it hits the rotating blades, they'll stop, allowing you to climb up to the sewer pipe above them. Several headrunners await you in the next chamber. Make your rounds to the sewer pipes and kill each on separately to avoid any group efforts on their part. Continue on into the next room with the catwalk, descend the stairs, and then jump down into the dry tunnel below. This will bring you to a green room with a sealed door on the far side. Move through the sealed door into the next room, then head through the next door at the top of the stairs.

You're now in the control room. When you attempt to cross over to the other side, the catwalk will break and send you to the flooded area below. You need to ascend the ladder up to the other side of the catwalk, but be careful when traveling through the electrified water. Time your ascent to ensure you don't get hit with too much electricity. Kill the two headrunners on this area of the catwalk, then pick the lock to the Electrical Room at the far end. Luckily, it's a very easy lock, so enter the room and shut down the power with the switch to your left. I also tried shutting down the power using the computer's 'electrical' application (password: tank), but it wouldn't let me. Very odd. Flip the switch next to the computer to turn off the pump control. Wait until the green light says "Safe", then flip the switch again. This will buy you a very limited amount of time to jump off the catwalk and swim down the tunnel to the reservoirs. If you time it perfectly, you can make it to Reservoir 2 before the fan pushes you back. With the reservoir flooded, you can swim up to the tunnel that exits to the third level of the Warrens. As a side note, you can also enable or disable the pump with the 'pump 118a' application on the computer (password: septic).

Nosferatu Warrens, Level Three

The third level of the Warrens is fairly combat oriented. Once you're spit out of the sewer pipe onto dry land, you'll immediately be set upon by a Belial. Ranged combat is your friend here, as long as you're able to dodge the green projectiles it throws at you. Dish out as much damage as you can until it dies, then flip the switch on the metal grating ahead of you. Move forward and take a right, killing the headrunners and another Belial that block your path. At the end of this hallway to your right, you'll find a service door containing yet another ledger explaining the events that have transpired here in the sewers. Ascend the stairs and use the door at the top to return to the main sewers, if you need to. Otherwise, backtrack all the way to the entrance and this time take a left at the first intersection. Move down, then up to your right to reach an area with a door marked "Authorized Personnel Only". Pick the lock on the door (skill level of 5 required), then move across the catwalk to the next door. On the other side of this door is your first encounter with a creature called the "Tzimisce Spider Creation". This thing will begin launching dead bodies at you, so try to dodge them while firing everything you have at it.

Once the beast is dead, move the barrels that were behind it, revealing a very narrow ledge along the wall. Carefully follow the ledge until you reach an air duct on the middle of the next wall. Bash the grating on the its front, then crouch through the ducts until you zone into the fourth level of the Warrens.

Nosferatu Warrens, Level Four

This level begins with a very long drop through a large moving fan. Use the pipes that protrude from the walls during the descent to break your fall and then gracefully drop between the fan blades to the room below. If the third level of the Warrens was combat oriented, this level is combat intensive. You're going to be battling Headhunters, Belial, and Tzimisce Spider Creations, all within the tight quarters of the tunnel system.

Follow the tunnel out of the first main room and take a left at the first intersection, killing anything that gets in your way. Use your best disciplines if you have to, since there are quite a few rats to feed on. The path will eventually allow you to turn right, which you definitely want to do. Down this tunnel, you'll encounter a Nosferatu battling two Belials. Help him out if you'd like then search the nearby corpse for a Pass Key. Move back to where you turned right and instead go straight ahead and to the left. Follow this path until you reach a large round room with some sort of platform and a set of computers on the far wall. Move up to the computers and use your newly acquired Pass Key to access the button that opens the tunnel below the platform. Drop down into the tunnel to reach the fifth and final level of the Warrens.

Nosferatu Warrens, Level Five

Make your way through the network of tunnels on this level, but don't fall off a bridge. The reddish water below the bridge causes some serious damage! Eventually you'll reach a few different doors that you can enter, one of each leads to three different Nosferatu - Mitnick, Imalia, and, of course, Gary.

Mitnick is a computer genius and hacker extraordinaire. When he finally stops typing on the computer, he'll explain that he needs to upgrade some of the network hubs around the city, but Gary doesn't want him leaving until the whole thing with LaCroix blows over. If you offer to help, Mitnick tells you to check the email at your Haven for your instructions on what needs to be done. This will trigger the A Tangled Web quest.

Leave Mitnick to his hacking, then move down the outside tunnel to your left until you reach Imalia's nook. When you speak to her, she'll begin spouting about a woman named Tawni Sessions and how she's the "next best thing" in modeling. Imalia will explain that she used to be a model and is jealous that Tawni is now receiving all the credit for being beautiful. She wants to spoil Tawni's fame, but can't leave the Warrens until Gary determines that things are cool with the Prince. If you offer to help her, Imalia will ask you to plant some wireless cameras in Tawni's apartment and then activate them from her computer using the password of "cleopatra". She'll give you the key to Tawni's apartment, which will trigger the Model Citizen quest.

Before moving to Gary's hideaway, make your way into the small storage room near Imalia's pad. Lying on the floor is a bit of Galdjum, an occult item that increases the duration of your passive disciplines by 25%. Leave the storage room and cross the bridge over to Gary's. You'll enter his room to find a few corpses sitting around a dinner table and Gary nowhere in sight, although he will start speaking to you from his cloaked location. This will immediately earn you two points of Experience. Talk with the invisible Gary until he finally reveals himself. He'll tell you that he sent an agent named Barabas to Chinatown that has recently gone missing and won't reveal the location of the Ankaran Sarcophagus to you until you've tracked down the agent for him. You're told to speak with Ming Xiao at the Golden Temple in Chinatown to begin your investigation, which will activate the I Spy Barabus quest. Leave the Warrens through the back door of Gary's hideaway and then move through the cemetary back to the streets of Hollywood.

From here, take a cab or move through the sewers to the Chinatown district. Speak with Ming Xiao in the Golden Temple and carry out all the quests that lead up to Barabus' rescue in the Fu Syndicate building. After emerging from the Fu Syndicate building, speak with Gary on the payphone to learn that the Giovanni most likely have the Ankaran Sarcophagus at their mansion.

At the completion of the Italian Dinner quest, you will be shown a cutscene of the Ankaran Sarcophagus being loaded into a truck and hauled off to Prince LaCroix. You'll then be transported to the Prince's private chamber in the Ventrue Tower, where speaking with him will net you two points of Experience and the completion of this quest. Before leaving, though, you can speak to Beckett and, with enough Persuade, he'll tell you that he's either pursuing fate or it has a bone to pick with him. This will earn you another point of Experience.

If your character is a Gangrel... speak to Beckett, who is now examing the sarcophagus. You will be given the opportunity to ask him more about himself, but he will claim that you know more about him than he does about you. Counter with the fact that you're a Gangrel just like he is and he'll inquire about your disciplines. If your Animalism is low, tell him you're having trouble with it, and he'll teach you a rank for free.