Hunters Hunting
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This quest is available in Hollywood's Asp Hole night club. Go up the stairs to the second floor and speak with Ash, the night club's owner. He won't be interested much in conversation at first, but will begin to warm up to you after awhile. Apparently, Ash is Isaac's childe, but they don't see eye-to-eye on many things lately. Ash will also tell you that hunters are after him and he can't even leave his own club without being killed.

If you express interest in helping Ash get out of the club alive, he'll question your motivations for helping him. You can do it out of the goodness of your undead heart, or you can demand some cash for your services. Either way, you'll have to choose between switching Ash's clothes with someone else in the club and sneaking him out or scorting him out through the sewers. The first method will require some Persuasion or Intimidation skill and the second method will require a fair share of combat.

If you choose the first method, take the stairs back down to the main floor and talk to the man on your left. Luckily, his clothes fit, so do what you can to convince him to exchange threads with Ash and you'll get him out alive. This method will earn you $250, and although that's half of what you get for the combat approach, it's far less dangerous. Additionally, you'll be presented with a cutscene that shows a Vampire Hunter kill the Ash lookalike.

Since I'd rather make some use of the many weapons in my arsenal, though, I took the combat route. Before leaving the building, though, be sure to grab the Normal Watch near one of tables on the first floor for a little extra spending cash. You'll be moving through a totally different section of sewers than the main system in Hollywood, but it's a very straightforword route that you'll be taking. Make sure you have plenty of ammo and blood packs, since the vampires will be coming at you with weapons like the Utica M37 shotgun and Crossbow. After cutting through several of the hunters, two more will break through one of the sewer walls. Continue down this path to emerge below a subway system with several more hunters taking cover amongst the construction debris. Take them out, then climb the nearby ladder to get to the upper section.

Here you'll encounter two more hunters, armed with Crossbows. Regardless of whether you decide to charge up to them or take them out from a distance, you'll have to do it fast to avoid taking a substantial amount of damage from their crossbow bolts. Once you reach the door just beyond them, Ash will thank you for your support in getting him out of the club and hand you $500. You'll also be given three points of Experience.