Out For Blood
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After you have dealt with the Werewolf problem at Griffith Park, Jack picks you up and drives you back to your Santa Monica haven. Apparently, Prince LaCroix has issued a blood hunt on you for being "in league with the Kuei-jin", and you need to get out of town before the army of vampires descends upon you. Jack has hooked you up with a cab driver at the Brothers Salvage junkyard, but you're going to have to run there from here.

When you leave your haven, you'll immediately find yourself under attack by three different vampires, all of different clans. Since the sewers are inaccessible, move through the parking ramp to get to the other side of Santa Monica. Of course, you'll meet resistance the whole way, but the taxi is just around the corner when you get out of the parking ramp. Kill the last few remaining vampires, then jump into the cab for eight points of Experience.

The discussion you have with the cab driver (whom many believe is supposed to be Caine himself) determines which game ending you will experience. However, all five endings may or may not be available to you, since your actions throughout the game affect the conversation choices you have. Confused? Here's a breakdown of what your dialogue structure with the taxi driver will look like: