Prince LaCroix Ending
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Who cares if he issued a blood hunt on you? It was only because he mistakingly thought you killed Nines Rodriguez, right? Regardless, you feel that Prince LaCroix is the best suited to rule the city - especially since he possesses the Ankaran Sarcophagus. Tell the cab driver that you want to stand by the Prince's side and he'll drop you off at the Ventrue Tower downtown.

The Prince listens to your story about the Werewolf attack at Griffith Park and calls the blood hunt off once he realizes you were not responsible for Nines' death. One last task remains before you and LaCroix can assume total power over the city, though. The Prince orders you to obtain the sacrophagus key from the Kuei-jin, which triggers the Ming Must Die! quest. To aid you in your battle against Ming Xiao, LaCroix will present you with a cool $2000 in cash.

When Ming Xiao is no more and you've secured the key, you will instantly be transported back to the Prince's penthouse. LaCroix will gloat over the victory and tell you that you have earned a place by his side. Speculating that it could even be Caine himself inside the sarcophagus, the Prince then asks you to come stand next to him while the sarcophagus is opened. Suffice to say, once the tomb is opened, you both will get quite a surprise. Congratulations on finishing the game!