I Spy Barabus
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This particular quest is triggered when you first meet Gary the Nosferatu in the Warrens of Hollywood. Gary will tell you that he sent an agent named Barabus to Chinatown, but the agent never returned and Gary wants you to investigate his disappearance. You're told to speak with Ming Xiao at the Golden Temple in the Chinatown district, which will open up the district on your taxi or sewer map.

Upon arriving in Chinatown, make your way to the Golden Temple at the very end of the main stretch of road. Speak with Ming Xiao inside to learn that she doesn't know where Barabus is, but that a man named Wong Ho might. Wong Ho owns the Red Dragon restaurant, so you'll be heading there next to get answers. As soon as you leave the Golden Temple, though, you'll witness a group of thugs running with a small girl draped over one of the member's shoulders. This won't really mean anything to you now, so continue down the road until you find the Red Dragon restaurant on your right.

Speak with the less-than-pleasant woman at the entrance of the restaurant to have her open a hidden elevator to the second floor. If you are a Nosferatu, or if you just don't want to talk to the woman, you'll find a small button behind her podium that will allow you to call the elevator yourself. Once you reach the second floor, talk to Wong Ho to learn that his daughter Kiki was kidnapped by the Tong, a local street gang. This will open up a quest called Kikinapped, which must be completed before you can continue this quest.

Once Kiki has been rescued, Wong will try to help you find Barabus. He refers you to a man named Zhao who owns an import/export warehouse here in Chinatown. Apparently, Zhao has many connections and was the one who called Wong earlier to reveal the location Kiki was being held at. Your meeting with Zhao is a quest all of its own called Original Gangster.

During your meeting with Zhao, you will be told to seek out the leader of the Tong, Johnny. This will initiate another quest called Dragon's Tail. Once you've dealt with Johnny, a man named "The Mandarin" will tell you that he's holding Barabus at the Fu Syndicate building, triggering the Come Into My Parlor quest.

After you've repaid The Mandarin for subjecting you to so many tests, you will find a key to Barabus' cell on his corpse. Unlock the cell in the lower section where you fight The Mandarin, and then speak with Barabus to earn three points of Experience (and another two points for completing the Come Into My Parlor quest).

Barabus won't be ready to leave yet, though. He'll tell you that there are servers on this floor that contain all of their research on vampires. You must hack into them and delete their contents before you can leave. Move through the double doors just outside of Barabus' cell. A couple of guards will open fire on you, so take them out and grab the Fu Syndicate Office Key you find on one of the corpses. This will get you into the first office down the left hallway.

Once inside the office, log into the 'door control' application on the computer (password: Freedom) run the "open" command. This will open the double doors into the server room, as well as bring three additional guards into the hallway. Kill all the resistance, then backtrack down the hallway and head into the server room. Log into the 'species x data' application on the Research and Development computer (password: autopsy) and run the purge command to delete all the vampire research files. At this point, you can leave the Fu Syndicate building, but I recommend going through the office door at the far end of the hall if you have a lockpick skill of 10+. If so, you can grab a Bustin' It: Harmful If Swallowed Hint Book off the table inside and hack into the 'email' application on the computer (password: elimination) to see a message from someone called "Priestess" asking about Barabus' status. Hmm... Ming Xiao, perhaps?

Leave the Fu Syndicate building and grab the ringing payphone just outside for two points of Experience. Gary expresses his gratitude for freeing Barabus and holds up his part of the deal. He'll tell you that he gave the same information about the Ankaran Sarcophagus' location to the Giovanni. If asked about the location of the Giovanni, Gary will tell you that they are having a reunion at a nearby mansion and will mark the location on your map. Learning this bit of info nets you another two points of Experience and opens up the Italian Dinner quest.

If your character is a Nosferatu... and you haven't been rude to Gary, he will award you with a new Haven for freeing Barabus. The new Haven is in an abandoned substation between Access Points E and F in the Downtown sewers.