Original Gangster
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After you have rescued Wong Ho's daughter during the Kikinapped quest, Wong will refer you to a man named Zhao who owns an import/export warehouse here in Chinatown. Zhao is the only one who knows where the missing Nosferatu agent Barabus is, so a meeting with the guy is unavoidable to continue on. Zhao's Imports is located on the other side of Chinatown, which you can reach by taking any of the various alleyways. Head through the front door, then take the stairs up to the second floor.

Zhao stands near a desk in the second floor office and will not turn to face you when you strike up a conversation. He will simply tell you that the Tong are responsible for Barabus' disappearance and will tell you to continue your investigation by seeking out the Tong's leader, Johnny. He'll also mention that Johnny owns the Glaze club and that you'll need a password (725) to gain entrance to it. This information nets you three points of Experience and opens up a new quest called Dragon's Tail.

Your conversation with Zhao will be cut off abruptly as an army of Tong descend upon the facility. They're all packing a serious amount of firepower, so find some cover and pick them off one at a time. Once they've all been wasted, grab the three Car Stereos for some extra spending cash. One can be found on the section of rollers on the first floor, another is between the wall and boxes just below the room were Zhao is standing, and the third is up on the walkway high above the entrance door. Once you've taken all the loot you can, move outside the building to earn another two points of Experience for surviving the Tong ambush. At this point, the quest is officially complete.