Hell at the Hotel Hallowbrook
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At the completion of the Society For the Preservation of Professors quest, Prince LaCroix asks you to kill the leader of the Sabbat at the Hotel Hallowbrook here in Downtown. Take the street toward the Tremere chantry and you'll see the Hotel Hallowbrook (although the sign in front says "Hollowbrook"... which is it?) on your right. Move into the alleway behind the hotel to find a construction lift at the base of the building, which you can use to get inside.

The Hotel Hallowbrook will offer some of the toughest battles you've encountered so far in the game. Immediately after you enter, you'll be trounced upon by Sabbat thugs and ghouls. They're all heavily armed and have access to disciplines like Celerity, so be extremely cautious as you move through the hotel's charred hallways. Not far in, you'll reach a fairly long hallway filled with Sabbat. Wipe them all out, then explore the adjacent rooms grab a Flamethrower and the Tal'mahe'Ra Blade, a powerful katana for you melee users.

From here, move to the very end of the last hallway and take a left to encounter a Belial. The close quarters make it difficult to dodge its skull projectiles, so close range may be the way to go. Once it's dead, drop down a couple of floors through the broken flooring behind it.

When you reach the next solid floor, keep moving through the decayed walls until you reach yet another damaged section of flooring to drop through. This floor opens up into a large room with a handful of Sabbat waiting for you with plenty of cover. Once you've finished them, the rest of the level ends up being very straightforward. There are literally dozens of heavily armed Sabbat on this floor, though, so take things very slow.

Eventually you will reach an elevator shaft that allows you to drop down yet a couple more levels. As soon as you step foot on the next floor, though, you will witness Heather Poe being murdered by the Sabbat (unless you never tried to ghoul her or you already told her to leave you alone). Take your anger out on the three Sabbat responsible, then press on to a large hall with a couple of spiraling staircases. When you reach the center of this room, a Tremere Antitribu walks to the center of the balcony and begins conjuring blue flames all around you. He even produces a shield in front of himself, which is impenetrable from the front. Kill the two annoying thugs firing at you from above, then move all the way up to the wall just below the mage and fire at him from an angle. Once he drops, all the flames are extinguished and you can move to the next rooms. It won't be much farther before you come to a staircase with a door at its end.

Zone through the door to enter an underground chamber with a pair of doors at the far end. Through these doors is the lair of the Sabbat leader, where you'll receive three points of Experience for getting this far alive. When you reach the center of the lair, you will once again encounter Andrei, the Tzimisce who created the snuff tape back at 609 King's Way. Andrei will tell you that the sarcophagus must be destroyed, but before explaining further he will transform into Warform and a battle will ensue. The Warform Tzimisce is able to transport itself throughout the room by diving into the pools of blood on the floor, so rush up to it when it appears, inflict as much damage as possible, then back away and wait for it to appear again. Once Andrei falls, you will receive four points of Experience and you'll be able to zone directly to the front of the hotel when you leave the lair. Before leaving, though, feel free to grab a Torch and add it to your arsenal. Other than doing battle with a Vampire Hunter, this is the only place to obtain the unique melee weapon.

When you reach the hotel's entrance, Ming Xiao is waiting to speak with you. She will tell you about her alliance with LaCroix and how his quest for power has destroyed it. She'll also reveal that she transformed into Nines Rodriguez and killed Dr. Grout for the Prince, thus taking care of two of LaCroix's major opponents. Ming Xiao's purpose here is quite evident - she wants you to turn against the Prince. If you choose to side with her, the game's Kuei-jin ending becomes available to you.

Pay a visit to the Prince in the Ventrue Tower and tell him of Andrei's demise to earn two points of Experience and $800 in cash. When the Prince hears that Ming Xiao has the key to the sarcophagus, he proposes an alliance with the Anarchs to drive the Kuei-jin out of the city once and for all. You will become the Prince's emissary to negotiate the alliance with the Anarchs, which will open up the The Enemy of My Enemy quest.