Pimpin' For Romero
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This quest can only be accessed if you decline Romero's offer to guard the graveyard for him and avoid the You Only Die Once a Night quest altogether. As an alternative, Romero will mention that he could use some illicit love, that which only a woman can provide. Leave the caretaker shack, crawl through the damaged wall, and make your way toward the Lucky Star hotel. You should be able to find a prostitute just outside the main door... at least that's where I found one.

Once you've found a willing subject, she'll express some concern with the fact that Romero is in the cemetary, but a little Persuasion will get her to comply. Run Romero's prize down the streets of Hollywood and back through the broken wall into the cemetary. She should follow you all the way up to the caretaker shack. Speak with Romero to earn two points of Experience and your choice between cash ($100), some ammo, or even a trained point in Firearms. If you're a little more persistent, he'll fork over another $75 for your efforts.

If your character is female... you can actually become the woman that gives Romero the love that he seeks for two points of Experience. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to earn money and Experience out of Romero.