Patron of the Ancient Arts
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When you've finished the Calling Dr. Grout quest for Prince LaCroix, he will then send you to the Museum of Natural History to secure the Ankaran Sarcophagus and place it under Camarilla protection. He hands you a key to the museum's front door, then mentions something about the sarcophagus most likely being located in some sort of examination room within the building. He also requests that you don't kill any of the security guards at the museum.

If you don't have the Occultish Personality quest yet, I recommend acquiring it. You'll need to retrieve an artifact at the museum for that particular quest, so you might as well work on two quests at once. To gain entrance to the museum, simply use the taxi/sewer map.

You'll arrive at the rooftop entrance of the museum. Go into stealth mode and move down the stairs in front of you to the hallway and door. Take the hallway left or right until you reach a half-open door to a small storage room. Jump inside and grab the Museum Office Key off the wooden reel. Backtrack to the nearest red door, make sure you're in stealth mode, and move into the museum's main chamber. If you're skillful enough and can make a tough jump, go to the bridge above the museum floor and jump across to the pterodactyl. For whatever reason, someone left $100 for the taking here on top of the prehistoric creature.

To efficiently navigate the rest of the museum, you're going to need another key. Jump down to the ground floor and go through the men's bathroom into the closet beyond and enter the air ducts. Move through the ducts a little ways until you reach a room with a computer. Drop down into the room and then sneak into the room next door with the red light. This is the Lost & Found room, where you'll find the Museum Basement Key sitting on the counter not far from the officer watching the cameras.

Continue on to the next room, where you'll locate a computer ripe for the hacking. Log in to the 'email' application with the password of "iluvgabe" to learn a bit about Dr. Johansen, the "sarcophagus guy", and a key that has been left in Lost & Found (the basement key you just grabbed). Next, move back into the museum's main chamber and through the office door at this far end. You will arrive in a room with four cubicles, one of which contains a note about the key at the Lost & Found and another that hides a Prescription Bottle on the desk. Enter the door past the cubicles to access the museum's basement.

When you reach the basement, make sure you watch the cameras! Getting "seen" by a camera will set off an alarm and all hell will break loose. Move to the right on the red stripe when the camera is turned the other way, then wait until it rotates again to the left before you sneak into the camera room. Grab the Security Manual on the counter, but don't move to the computer just yet. You'll have to make a decision - navigating this basement with the cameras on is extremely difficult, but turning off the cameras on the computer is nearly impossible without killing the guard first. Getting through this whole level without killing anyone nets you an additional two points of Experience, so it's up to you which way you'd like to take it. If you decide to kill this guard, turn off both cameras using the passwords of "pterodactyl" and "velociraptor".

If you're here to the acquire the Fetish Statue as part of the Occultish Personality quest too, then follow the green stripe on the floor first. This will eventually lead you to a large window, with the fetish sitting on the counter just beyond. Break the window, then jump inside the room and grab the artifact for a point of Experience. Continue down the green stripe until you reach an unlocked door for a room containing the Museum Workroom Key. Snatch the key for a point of Experience and then use the nearby computer to log in to the 'email' application (password: ihatemyjob). One of the emails will tell you the pass code (2358) for the door just outside. You can also find this pass code from a note in a nearby office on the red stripe path.

Move to the door that requires the pass code, enter it, and then proceed down the hallway. You'll eventually come to another security room behind a large pane of glass, but you have to be extremely careful breaking through it if you want to continue unseen. If you do, use the computer to access the 'beams' (password: platypus) and 'alarm' (password: wombat) applications and disable them both. Otherwise, move through the door at the end of the hallway to find another hallway guarded by laser beams. Attack the electrical panel on the right wall to make it short out, thus causing the laser beams to go on and off. Maneuver through the beams as you can, then through the door on your left. Walk through the chain link fence until you reach one last door, which leads into the room where the sarcophagus is (or, was) being held. A short cutscene will play, and you'll be startled by the appearance of Beckett, the same guy you met back at the Sabbat Warehouse. As soon as Beckett starts talking, you'll receive three points of Experience.

Beckett will tell you that he came here to study the sarcophagus and to "debunk" the speculation that it contains an Antedeluvian. Since the sarcophagus is missing, though, he obviously isn't able to. At this point, milk whatever information you can out of Beckett. Speaking to him about all subjects will earn you a point of Scholarship knowledge, so brave your way through all the dialogue options. After the conversation has concluded, you'll wind up back at the front entrance of the Ventrue Tower in Downtown. When you go up to tell the Prince about the coffin's disappearance, you'll be awarded a point of Experience (you'll also get a two point Experience bonus if you didn't kill any of the museum's security guards). The Prince will tell you that the Nosferatu Primogen, Gary, was the only one who knew of the sarcophagus' location. He will ask that you find Gary in the Hollywood district, which will trigger the The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus quest.