Ming Must Die!
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This quest is triggered during the Anarchs, Camarilla, Prince LaCroix, and No Allegiance endings, since all of them require the disposal of Ming Xiao, the Kuei-jin ruler of Chinatown. Tell the cab driver to take you to Chinatown and he'll drop you off right inside Ming Xiao's Golden Temple.

The ground level of the temple is heavily guarded by Kuei-jin warriors armed with Katanas, Knives, and Crossbows. These guys take a serious amount of punishment and can dish out just as much, so keep your guard up (or stay stealthed, if that's your style). The main points of interest here are locked storage lockers (lockpick skill of 4+ required) filled with a variety of ammunition. If you weren't able to stock up before arriving here, be sure to pay a visit to each locker to get all the ammo you need. When you've had enough of getting shot in the back with crossbow bolts and don't need anymore ammo, enter the main temple toward the back of this level and take either set of stairs down.

After descending the stairs, you'll arrive at a lower level once again completely overrun with Kuei-jin. In addition to constantly being the target of multiple crossbow bolts, you'll also be subjected to hidden traps. When sprung, sharpened bamboo poles protrude from the walls. Since they do a considerable amount of damage, keep your eyes open for the pressure plates on the floor that trigger such traps and jump over them. Additionally, you may find yourself being attacked by Kuei-jin hidden in the canvas walls, so always be on alert. Before looking for the level's exit, first make your way to the barracks on this floor. You'll know which room it is by its size and the number of beds along its walls. With some lockpick skill, pop open the trunks in this room to find a whole assortment of ammo and a Crossbow. Other than the Gone Fishin' side quest, this is the only place I'm aware of to obtain this weapon. Once you have the weapon, head toward the large room with a waterwheel at its center. Drop down to the lower floor and move the wooden bar sealing the large red double doors.

Once you're through the red doors, take the hallway to the left and keep following it until you come to a three-way intersection. Hang a right and then cautiously move through the next set of hallways (there are Kuei-jin hidden in the canvas) to get to a long room with a large golden statue at the far end. Push two of the stone carvings onto the pressure plates near the large golden statue. This will reveal another staircase leading to yet a lower level.

This level is guarded by several traps, a handful of regular patroling Kuei-jin, and eight Kuei-jin armed with Crossbows and flaming bolts. These eight are split up into four groups and each group of two guards a different jade statue. Your obective on this level is to obtain all four jade statues (the Jade Cat, Jade Crane, Jade Dragon, and Jade Elephant) and place them on the pedestals in the first room you entered. The blade traps located in the hallway leading to each jade statue are especially nasty and can result in instant Final Death, so either crouch through them or disable them using the lever found on this floor. To reach the lever from the first room, take the left hallway and then another left right away at the intersection. This will bring you into a room with a secret door on the left wall. Through this door is a standard locked door (lockpick skill of 8+ required), followed by the lever needed to disable the traps.

Once you have all four jade statues, return to the entrance door and place them on the pedestals in the following order, going clockwise: dragon, crane, elephant, cat. For this sequence to work, you must be facing away from the original entrance door. The idea is to match each statue to its particular pedestal base, with the solid plinth corresponding to the dragon, the spiral base to the crane, the four-legged stand to the elephant, and the remaining pedestal to the cat. Immediately after all four statues are in place, a portal will open in the center of the room allowing you to travel to Ming Xiao's inner sanctum.

Ming Xiao stays human long enough to bid you farewell, after which she transforms into a glistening demon with tentacles as arms. The tentacles inflict a substantial amount of damage when they connect and the vile spittle she flings your way isn't much better. During the battle, Ming Xiao may lose some of her tentacles, which will actually respawn into smaller versions of the best (although one of the tentacles can spawn into a full size version as well). Concentrate on the primary Ming regardless of how many are running around, though. Once she falls, you'll instantly receive ten points of Experience and the Sarcophagus Key will be yours for the taking. Grab the key, then leave through the newly opened portal.