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After you've purchased a weapon from Fat Larry (armor won't work, grab yourself the Fire Axe if you can afford it), he will present you with a job opportunity. A business deal between the Tong and a local gang is going down in a local parking garage and Fat Larry knows someone who is willing to pay top dollar for one of the briefcases being exchanged. He'll offer you a cut of such payment if you bring the briefcase back to him. In addition, he'll even "roll out his special stock" for you to purchase if all goes well. With a little persuasion, you can even convince Larry to give you a discount on his goods upon your return.

The parking garage is right next to Larry's truck, so zone inside to get things underway. This entire quest can be done with brute force or without a single casualty. If you prefer the stealthy approach, go into the room just down from the first ramp, where you'll be able to climb into the air ducts and proceed unseen. If you're looking for a little self-training in the combat department, though, equip your best weapon and go through the parking ramp shootin'.

The first floor contains several thugs armed with Knives, Baseball Bats, and Thirtyeights. Once you descend to the second level, though, you'll start seeing some of them armed with Braddock 9mm uzis. When you reach the fourth floor, you'll find a large group of thugs - two of which are holding briefcases. The briefcase you want, however, is the one at the very end of the parking garage lying on the cement. Picking it up will net you one point of Experience, with an additional two points of Experience rewarded to those vampires that took a stealthy approach through the ventilation shafts (starting with the janitor's closet at the beginning of the ramp). Once you have the briefcase, head back up three floors to the exit.

Bringing the briefcase to Fat Larry will get you $500 cash and one point of Experience. Additionally, if you were able to persuade Larry to give you a discount, you will also gain one point of Finance knowledge. Talking with Larry again will open the doors to another quest called A Confession.