Going the Way of Kings
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With the retrieval of the Horror Tape Part 2 during the Snuff is Enough quest, Isaac determines that you must go to King's Way and confront the film's creator in order to gain access to the Nosferatu. Stock up on ammo and blood supply, then use the taxi or sewer map to travel to 609 King's Way.

The only way into the house is to move to the back through the doors on the side of the property and then scale the wooden weaving along the wall of the house. This will bring you up to the second floor, where a spiraling staircase brings you to the third. Enter the house through the sliding glass door, where you'll immediately be attacked by one of the snuff film creatures. Kill the first two creatures you come across, then grab the Mummywrap Fetish on the table in the second room. Descend the nearby stairs and fight your way into the living room where a Fancy Ring can be had. Additionally, you can grab a Blood Pack and a Blue Blood Pack from the nearby refrigerator. Continue descending a couple more flights of stairs until you reach the basement.

At the bottom of the stairs to the basement, you'll enter conversation with the tape's creator, a demented Tzimisce. The deranged Sabbat will discuss the creatures you've been fighting and the inevitable Gehenna that dooms everyone. Glean as much information out of him as you can, then enter combat. The Tzimisce isn't all that tough, but the creatures he sends at you can keep you occupied to the point that you don't even get a chance to hit him before he teleports across the room again. Once you finally get to focus enough damage on him, he will sink into the ground and you'll receive a whopping six points of Experience. At this point, this quest is complete. However, the double doorway here in the basement leads into the Nosferatu Warrens, a multi-level area that can prove to be fairly difficult. You'll find all the information you need to navigate to the end of the Warrens and find Gary in the The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus.