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This quest is triggered during the And Her Name Was Venus quest, as long as you pursue a conversation with Boris before things get violent. When you tell Boris that Venus wants the club for herself, Boris will ask you to turn the tables on her and kill her for him.

Which route you take really depends on what sort of reward you're looking for. Killing Boris gets you $250 on the spot and $250 at later intervals in the game. This can potentially add up to a lot of money. However, if you don't want to have to return to Club Confession on a regular basis, then the offer from Boris might be better. He'll end up paying you a lump sum of $1000 immediately after he learns that Venus is dead.

If you choose to take him up on his offer, head back to Club Confession and tell Venus that you need to speak to her privately. She'll take you up to her office, where you can either feed on her blood or use a weapon of your choice on her. As soon as she's dead, you'll receive two points of Experience, but will take a hit to your Humanity as well. Return to Boris and inform her of Venus' death to receive another point of Experience and the $1000 in cash.