Model Citizen
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When you finally reach the fifth level of the Nosferatu Warrens during the The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus quest, speak to the Nosferatu named Imalia to learn that she used to be a model before becoming a disfigured vampire. Now, she's jealous of the "next best thing" in modeling, Tawni Sessions. Imalia wants to spoil the fame for Tawni and asks you to plant some wireless cameras in her apartment across from the Lucky Star Hotel in Hollywood. Imalia provides you with a key to the apartment and the password (Cleopatra) to activate the cameras from Tawni's computer.

Locate Tawni's apartment across from the Lucky Star and head inside. Both Tawni and her boyrfriend are home so you're going to have to be very careful sneaking around the place. Place the three cameras in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom, then use the laptop behind the privacy arrangement to activate the 'cameras' application (password: cleopatra). This will contact Imalia through the laptop and she'll tell you everything looks good. Sneak out of the apartment quietly, then descend back down to the Warrens through the cemetary to pay a visit to Imalia.

Imalia is overjoyed when you see her next, and you'll be given two points of Experience and $400 in cash. Apparently Tawni washed down half a bottle of valium with a fifth of Gin and Imalia can't be more happy that she was forced to commit suicide. But what dirt did you get on her with the cameras? Check the screenshot to the left to see the paper on Imalia's desk...