Spotted by Samantha
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After you have met with Isaac Abrams in the Hollywood district and received the Dead Ex quest, you will most likely run into a strange woman on the street. Her name is Samantha and she claims to know who you are - or at least who you used to be before becoming a vampire. Since your family and relatives still think you've gone missing, Samantha offers to give them a call to let them know that you're healthy and alive.

Do not let her make that phone call. If she does, you'll receive a Masquerade Violation. You can either convince her that you aren't the person she thinks you are (although you'll need several points in Intimidation or Persuasion to do so) or you can attack her. Taking the social route earns you a Masquerade Redemption. Attacking her will most likely get you a Criminal Violation or even a loss of Humanity if you end up killing her, so only choose this option if absolutely necessary. Feeding on her or using the Trance discipline (Dominate) before she can make the phone call is a good solution, since it will still get you a Masquerade Redemption and will stun her long enough to let you get away.

If your character is a Malkavian... you can use Dementation on Samantha to make her believe that you're her pet turtle.

If your character is a Nosferatu... you will not encounter Samantha. Ever.