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After you've successfully completed the Hot Stripper Assassin Action! quest for Velvet in the Vesuvius club, she will ask another favor of you. One of the club's regulars has written a screenplay about vampires that is far too insightful to be coincidental. His name is David Hatter, and Velvet believes that a Kindred is telling him all his forbidden secrets. Of course, revealing such secrets earns a vampire the death penalty, so Velvet requests that you acquire David's screenplay and execute his less-than-silent partner. David works as the night clerk at the Lucky Star Hotel, so that's where you're headed next.

David is firmly convinced that he is taking the vampire movie industry to a whole new level with his new script. With some Persuasion, you can convince David that you know people interested in making a vampire flick. He'll quickly hand over his screenplay for them to look at, which will earn you two points of Experience. When you inquire about his collaborator, though, David is a bit tight-lipped. With enough Persuasion or Intimidation, however, he'll eventually tell you that a guy named Julius is feeding him his information. As it turns out, Julius is one of the Thin Bloods at the Santa Monica pier. Getting this information out of David earns you another point of Experience.

Return to Santa Monica and pay a visit to the beach. Fortunately, Julius is the only one hanging out by the bonfire. When you confront him about the information he has given up, Julius cowers in fear. He pleads for his life and you'll be given the choice of either killing him or letting him go. Although you may feel sorry for the guy, ending his life actually nets you a point of Experience whereas letting him go only gets you a point of Humanity.

Regardless of how you chose to handle Julius, return to Velvet and give her the screenplay. She won't have the heart to tear it up, so you're going to have to do it for her. After the screenplay is destroyed, tell her that Julius is dead (even if it's a lie) to earn a Masquerade Redemption and a point of Experience. If you've done everything to Velvet's specifications up to this point, she'll tell you how much she adores you and give you an autographed picture of herself. As far as I know, though, VV's Autographed Photo only real value is the cash you earn by selling it.