A Tangled Web
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When you finally reach the fifth level of the Nosferatu Warrens during the The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus quest, speak to the Nosferatu computer hacker Mitnick to learn that he's trying to set up several network hubs in the city but can't leave the Warrens until things blow over with Prince LaCroix. Offer to help Mitnick set up the network and he'll accept, telling you to check the email in your Haven for instructions.

Once you return to your Haven, you'll find two emails from Mitnick. The first reveals the location of the first network hub - Megahurtz Computing in the Santa Monica district - as well as details on logging into the terminal inside. The second gives you directions on finding the Megahurtz Computing building and reveals that you have a key to the place awaiting you in your mailbox. Run over to your mailbox, grab the Megahurtz Access Card, and make your way to Santa Monica.

The door to enter Megahurtz Computing is in the alley behind The Asylum, which isn't far from where you arrive (unless you took the sewers). Once inside, move into the first room you can and enter the air duct. This will get you into a locked room with the building's power switch inside. Or, if your lockpick skill is 8+, just pick the lock of the last door in the hallway to get into the power room. Either way, once the power is on, you can log into the computer terminal in one of the other rooms along the hallway. Like Mitnick said, use the password of "Gil Bates" to activate the 'net security' application, then enable the Schrecknet hub for two points of Experience.

Return to your Haven once again and check your email. This time, Mitnick has you headed to the Nocturne Theater in the Downtown district with explicit instructions not to be seen. In addition to enabling the Schrecknet hub, Mitnick also has you installing a web camera, so be sure to grab it from your mailbox before leaving. You don't have a key to the Nocturne Theater either, so the only way inside is through the sewers. Use the maps posted on the walls of the sewers to determine which exit leads up into the theater.

Once inside, make sure you are crouched, then slowly make your way to the ladder on the other side of the stage. Climb the ladder, then ascend another smaller ladder to get onto the catwalk high above. This is where you'll find the red "X" that Mitnick mentioned in his email. Plant the camera, then slowly sneak back down the ladders and follow the cop into the hallway on this side of the stage. The room at the far end of the hallway on your right contains the only computer terminal, so that's where you need to go. Begin with using the 'camera' application to enable the web camera, then use the 'net security' application (password: Break a Leg) to enable the Schrecknet hub. This will net you two more Experience.

With a second Schrecknet hub enabled, sneak out of the theater and head back to your Haven. Mitnick's next job has you headed to Metalhead Industries in the Hollywood district. It's the same type of deal - get in, enable the Schrecknet hub, and then get out without ever being seen. He left you a key in your mailbox, so grab that and then grab a cab or hit the sewers to travel to Hollywood.

The shelving in the Metalhead Industries building makes sneaking tough, but not impossible. Just take things slow and you'll eventually make it. Your first objective inside here is to hit the computer room on the first floor. Log into the computer's 'operations' application using the password of "codpiece" and unlock the second floor office door from here. Sneak back outside, up the stairs, and through the unlocked door into the main office.

Access the 'net security' application on the computer (password: Bang Your Head) in this room and enable the Schrecknet hub for two points of Experience. Before leaving, though, access the 'safe' application using the password of "Turbo Lover" and then run the 'unlock' command. Grab the CD-ROM inside it, then start hoofing it back to your Haven.

Mitnick is on top of things. He has already sent you an email detailing the final network hub in a place called Kamikazi Zen. Apparently, Kamikaze Zen is located in the Chinatown district and is just a Kuei-jin front. In addition to enabling the Schrecknet hub, you're also supposed to break into the vault and take the cash to put them off your scent. A second email from Mitnick explains that a file called 'hooligan' on one of the office terminals inside Kamikaze Zen is actually a virus. You're supposed to execute it to shut down the power and therefore allow access through a security door. Grab the key that was left in your mailbox and travel to Chinatown.

Kamikazi Zen is located on the left side of Chinatown's main street, not far from the entrance to Ming Xiao's Golden Temple. It doesn't matter whether or not you get seen in this place, so feel free to fire at will on any guards that get in your way. Move through the glass doors to your right, then through this hallway's last door. Use the computer's 'power' application (password: gwailo) to run the hooligan virus that Mitnick had told you about. This will shut off the power for the whole building, allowing you to go through the main set of double doors just outside of the office you're in now.

Take the hallway to the first room, where the computer's email will reveal that someone requested the server room pass code. Next, continue following the hallway to the third room, where you'll learn the server room's pass code (4567) from the recipient's email. Make your way to the last room in this particular hallway to find that the email account here actually has a password (waterloo), but doesn't contain any useful information. The 'personal' application (password: elba), though, contains three journal entries - Manifesto 1, Manifesto 2, and Manifesto 3. The third one mentions a guy named Larry and how he uses his last name backwards for the access code to the building's vault. You'll find Larry's last name written on the wall by his office door - Schleppin.

Use your newly acquired pass code to get through the door at the end of the hallway, then take a right to get into the server room. Use either computer to run the 'net security' application (password: nirvana) and enable the last Schrecknet hub for two points of Experience. Log into the 'vault' application as well (Larry's last name spelled backwards, password: nippelhcs) and open it up from here. The room across the hallway from this room is the vault you just opened, which contains a $500 money clip lying on the floor.

As Mitnick told you, backtrack to Rob Nesler's office (the hallway's third door from where you are now). Use his computer to run the 'mitnick!' application and then the rescue command. Mitnick will unlock the air duct vent behind you and you're able to escape from the building. Congratulations, the new Nosferatu network is up and operational!