Bad Luck Farmer
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When you have successfully returned Lin's eyeballs to Mr. Ox at the completion of Eye Gouge Hell, he will ask you to become a "bad luck farmer". A customer has bought a Bad Luck Talisman from Mr. Ox and he wants you to place it in a locker inside the Lotus Blossom massage parlor. The locker has been marked with a black circle so you know which one to look for.

Move to the alley across the street and follow it to the Lotus Blossom. Once inside, go through the first door on the right and take the stairs down to the lower level. Cross the spa room and head through the door on the other side. As Mr. Ox instructed, place the talisman in the marked locker. As soon as you do so, you will receive two points of Experience, but the locker's owner will catch you and demand an explanation. Combat is inevitable unless you're sneaking or Obfuscated, in which case the guy won't even see you commit the act. If he does see you, though, simply make short work of him and then return to The White Cloud.

If you were forced to kill the man, Mr. Ox laughs and says that his customer will be quite pleased to learn of the man's death. If you took a stealthy approach and the guy never saw you, then Mr. Ox says something like "perhaps bad luck will flower in time." Either way, he gives you $250 in cash, after which you'll receive four points of Experience and then another two points of Experience when the conversation concludes.

If your character is a Malkavian... you can use Dementation to convince the locker's owner that he is a frog that must return to the pond, provided you have three ranks in the discipline. This will short you the two points of Experience earned by killing him, though.

If your character is a Ventrue... you can use Dominate to put the locker's owner to sleep. This will short you the two points of Experience earned by killing him, though.