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To trigger this quest, enter Downtown's old dilapitated hospital (behind the fence near the district's arrival spot) and speak with the man who is frantically trying to escape from it. The man will tell you that several members of his crew started disappearing in the basement of the hospital, and that whatever killed them is now after him. Listen to what he has to say, then go investigate.

The door immediately on your right leads into a vacant room with a Morphine Bottle lying behind a mattress. Move to the room across from this to witness some camera footage of a man running and screaming. Once the picture goes blank, hop up to the air duct and use it to navigate a couple of rooms over. From this room, cut across the hall again and through the door to reveal a stairway. Bash the decaying wall underneath the steps to get to another room and some more grisly footage.

Go across the hall into the double doors and grab the Morphine Bottle lying by one of the beds, then move through the broken wall and down through the destroyed flooring to reach the lower level.

Move through the hallway and search the room on the left to find yet another Morphine Bottle. Grab the debris in the hallway and move them around until you can jump to the other side. Go through the far door, watch the guy get murdered, then continue on until you come to another crumbling wall.

Crouch down and pass through this final wall, after which you'll enter conversation with Pisha, a vampire of the rare and exotic Nagaraja bloodline. Pisha will explain that she must eat human flesh to sustain her life, much like your need to drink blood. She is here in Los Angeles only to obtain occult items and is willing to barter with you for such relics, but only if you convince Milligan, the TV reporter that you met on the way in, to come back down to be... eaten. When you return to the first floor of the hospital, though, Milligan is nowhere to be found. The only trace of him is a Business Card lying on the ground. The address on the card is Skyline Apartments, Apt. #1.

Take a quick jaunt over to Skyline Apartments and head up to the first floor. You'll either have to come up through the air ducts or pick Simon's lock (lockpick skill of 4+ required). Once inside his apartment, grab the Photo in the bedroom and then search the closet to find Simon cowering in the corner. If you can successfully convince Simon to return to the hospital, you'll benefit from a Masquerade Redemption.

When you return to the hospital, there is an air duct in the room on the left that will get you down to Pisha much quicker. Speak to her again for a point of Experience and to learn more about the artifacts she's willing to barter for. This will trigger a new quest entitled Occultish Personality.