No Allegiance Ending
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You're tired of being someone else's pawn. Renouncing LaCroix, the Kuei-jin, the Camarilla, and the Anarchs, you decide to do things for yourself. It's not quite that easy, though, and the cab driver convinces you that you must first dispatch both Ming Xiao and Prince LaCroix in order to achieve your goal. This activates the Ming Must Die! and LaCroix Must Die! quests.

Once you have defeated the Chiropteran Behemoth on the top of the Ventrue Tower, you will be taken into LaCroix's penthouse. As with the Anarchs Ending, LaCroix will demand the sarcophagus key from you, after which you slash his throat. At this point, you can either choose to give him the key or open the sarcophagus yourself. Either one ends with a bang, but giving the key to LaCroix and walking away keeps you from suffering the same fiery death as the Prince.

If you chose to give the key to LaCroix, a cutscene will show you walking through the debris at the base of the Ventrue Tower. Nines Rodriguez and a couple of others approach you to commend you on your victory, but your character will simply flip them off and keep walking - alone, as you wanted. Congratulations on finishing the game!