Occultish Personality
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This particular quest is only available after you've successfully completed the Necromantic quest. Pisha will request that you find two occult items for her, both of which she's willing to trade other artifacts of similar worth for. One of the items is a fetish and is located in the Museum of Natural History. The other is a book located in the Giovanni Mansion.

The first artifact you'll be looking for will be the Fetish Statue in the museum. However, you will not be able to enter the museum until you've completed the Calling Dr. Grout quest. Once you've been given access to the museum, refer to our Patron of the Ancient Arts quest for all the details you need to grab the fetish.

Next, you'll be tracking down the book from the Giovanni Mansion. Unfortunately, you will not be able to visit the mansion until late in the game during the Italian Dinner quest. When you finally reach that point, though, the Giovanni Book can be found on a counter in the embalming room. You can reach the embalming room through the secret door in the library.

With both items now acquired, return to Pisha and hand them over one at a time. For obtaining the fetish, Pisha will give you The Odious Chalice, an occult item that stores blood from the enemies you kill so that you can feed on it later. For obtaining the book, Pisha gives you the Key of Alamut, a defensive item that adds one rank to all your Soak ratings. Additionally, you'll be awarded one point of Experience for completing the quest.