Cover Girl
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This quest is only accessible if you anger Imalia in the fifth level of the Nosferatu Warrens during the The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus quest, but then attempt to reconcile with her. In order to get Imalia to speak to you again, you must retrieve a copy of "Guy" magazine - the one that Imalia graced the cover of.

To get the copy Imalia wants, you'll need to pay a visit to Flynn, proprietor of the Sin Bin. Flynn will offer to sell you the magazine, but explains that it is now a collector's item since Imalia has been missing for a year. He wants $500 for it, but strongly suggesting that he take $400 will get you the magazine a little cheaper. Once you have Guy Magazine, Spring Edition in your possession, return to Imalia to earn her respect and be allowed to speak with her again (thus opening up the Model Citizen quest again).