A Dish Best Served Cold
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Once you've reached the Hollywood district, check the email in your Haven to find a new message from LaCroix. The Prince tells you that he has a financial interest in a restaurant here in Hollywood called the Cavoletti Cafe. He has made an offer on the establishment, but the owners refuse to accept it. However, the restaurant is going to be the subject of a review from food critic Tommy Flayton very soon and the Prince asks you to convince him to give the cafe a bad review.

Cafe Cavoletti is located between the Luckee Star Hotel and the Sunset Print establishment. You'll find the arrogant Tommy Flayton standing at a table near the entrance. He'll mistake you for a waiter (or waitress) and will fire off plenty of rude comments at you about how he can "make or break" the restaurant. With a few points of Seduction, you can tell Tommy that you love the work that he does and then suggest that the restaurant isn't very good. Tommy will agree with you and decide to give the "overpriced cafeteria" zero stars in his review, thus completing the quest and netting you two points of Experience. Or, if Seduction isn't your thing, you can also use Persuasion or Intimidate to accomplish the same thing.

When you return to your Haven, you'll find another email from LaCroix stating his appreciation for Mr. Flayton's scathing review. He'll also tell you that he left payment for you in your mailbox, but for whatever reason my mailbox was empty. Hopefully a patch for the game will fix that bug.

If your character is a Malkavian... you can use Dementation to make Tommy think that he is eating maggots (movie: The Lost Boys), which leads to a bad review and the successful completion of the quest.

If your character is a Nosferatu... no Persuasion, Intimidation, or Seduction is required. Just walk up to the journalist, talk to him, and do your best to gross him out ("Hey, can you tell me, is the boil on my back still oozing?"). Works every time.