And Her Name Was Venus
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If you took care of Venus' Russian problem in the A Confession quest, she will ask you to end the life of a man named Boris to avoid having to pay him anymore "late fees". If you accept, she'll provide you with an Empire Mafia Key, which will get you into the penthouse level of the Empire Hotel to pay a personal visit to Boris.

Make your way to the Empire Hotel and take the elevator up to the sixth floor. As with many other quests in Vampire: Bloodlines, there are a handful of ways you can complete this one. Your first priority, though, is to make it to Boris. If you're the stealthy type, take a left and pick the lock into the Maintenance room (skill level of 7 required). Use the air ducts to move around the entire level. If you want to use brute force, simply start killing all of Boris' bodyguards until you find the man himself. But, if you want to use your persuasion or intimidation factor, then you'll have the option to take an entirely different ending.

Boris is at the very "end" of this floor, but you may want to search the whole level since you'll be able to grab yourself a Brawling Manual on a table in one of the side rooms. When you reach Boris' chamber, you'll run into a guard outside his doors. A few points of Persuasion or Intimidate will get you past him unscathed, otherwise you're going to have to fight him (causing Boris to ready a gun as well).

If you convince the bodyguard to let you in, Boris will not be pleased to see you. Tell him that Venus wants the club for herself and, using some Persuasion or Intimidation, Boris will offer you a deal. Instead of giving Venus the club, Boris wants you to turn the tables and kill her for him. Check out the Venucide quest if this alternative route appeals to you. If you decide to continue with your original plan to kill Boris, then you'll have to kill all the Russians on this floor too. Once Boris falls, you'll earn two points of Experience and will be able to loot a Fancy Ring and $200 from his office. Return to Venus to become a silent partner in Club Confession, which will earn you $250 on the spot and additional payments of $250 when you return to the club at later times in the game.

If your character is a Malkavian... you can use Dementation in your conversation with Boris, which will lead to his untimely death by his own bodyguard.