Bloody Mess
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During a visit to your haven, you'll find that Prince LaCroix has sent you an email asking for a favor. Apparently, a vial of Werewolf Blood has made it into the hands of a local tabloid, when then sent it over to the Medical Clinic for testing. For obvious reasons, the clinic cannot be allowed to test the blood. LaCroix asks you to retrieve the blood sample and leave it in your mailbox here at the haven.

Exit your haven and run across the street to the Medical Clinic. The blood is being held in the cabinet within the "Controlled Substances" room on the second floor. To gain access to this room and the cabinet within, you must first pay a visit to the room marked "CIS". Here, you can hack both a 'cs door' and 'cs safe' application, as long as your hacking skill is high enough. If you can't quite get it, simply enter a password of "dosage" for the door and "paige" for the safe to gain access to the lock controls for both.

Make your way into the "Controlled Substances" room and grab the Werewolf Blood from the newly unlocked cabinet, which will instantly net you two points of Experience. Head back across the street to the Pawnshop building and place the Werewolf Blood in your mailbox. Zone out of the Pawnshop, and then come right back inside. You'll be given a Masquerade Redemption and a $150 money clip will have taken the place of the blood in your mailbox. Head upstairs and check your email to see that LaCroix has sent you a message thanking you for a job well done. You'll get one more point of Experience when you read the email, and this quest will be officially completed.