Spiritual Release
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This quest is activated after you read the woman's diary in the kitchen of the Ocean House Hotel during the The Ghost Haunts at Midnight quest. As soon as you've finished reading the journal, you'll hear the woman's voice call out for help and pots and pans will begin flying around the room, eventually knocking the far door off its hinges and allowing you to proceed to the next room. In here, you'll want to climb into the air duct and follow it to another elevator shaft. You'll need to jump across to the ladder on the other side, but be very careful not to be crushed by the falling elevator! The ladder will get you high enough to jump over to the third floor.

Head to your right and through the first door on your left to grab a Weekapaug Thistle in the nightstand. Another newspaper can be found further down the hall, but then backtrack and take the left hallway from the elevator. You'll be subjected to some more flying objects, but keep going until you reach the room just past the second elevator. Inside this room, you'll be able to climb through a hole in the roof to the fourth floor.

This floor begins a whole new type of haunting - the recreation of a fire that apparently destroyed a large portion of the hotel. Touching the ghostly fire will hurt you, so avoid it and make your way to the next hallway. Crouch through the highly lethal gases leaking from the walls and through the door at end of the hall. This fire-damaged room will suddenly transform into the pristine room it once was, allowing you to grab the pendant lying on the table at the other side. As soon as the item is in your possession, you'll be granted a point of Experience. Head back down the elevator shaft to the second floor, where you can easily exit through the front door of the hotel.

Your return to The Asylum will find that Therese is not available and Jeanette is very willing... to take the pendant off your hands. In Therese's absence, Jeanette will ask you to visit the Gallery Noir to destroy some paintings (invoking the Slashterpiece quest). She'll even give you a Knife to do so and request that you steal the charity box while you're there. Do as she says, then return once again to The Asylum. If you didn't give the pendant to Jeanette earlier, this quest will now be completed.