The Hunted Hunter
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When you enter the Medical Clinic for the first time, you will be approached by a Ghoul named Knox who provides you with some background information about how exactly a human becomes a Ghoul. You won't be able to activate this quest, though, until you speak to him later at The Asylum. If you insulted him earlier, simply apologize to get him talking again.

Apparently, he's waiting here at The Asylum for his "master", whom you will quickly learn is Bertram Tung, the Nosferatu you may or may not have met at this point. Knox was looking for an Asian vampire, but now the tables have turned and Knox is being watched for his actions. If you offer to help, Knox will give you the only clue he has of the vampire's whereabouts - a Driver's License with the name Virgil Crumb on it. Before starting your investigation, try to use a little persuasion on Knox. He'll eventually reveal his and Bertram's plans for the Asian vampire, which will net you two Experience points. Additionally, he'll hook you up to purchase additional weaponry at Trip's Pawnshop if Arthur Kilpatrick hasn't already.

Next, head down the street from The Asylum to Kilpatrick's Bail Bonds. Use the Krimeputer to do some research on perpetrator names from A-F. You'll notice that Virgil Crumb is listed, but that he is deceased. Luckily, his corpse is now located at the Medical Clinic Morgue, so that's going to be your next stop. Once inside the clinic, head downstairs to the basement (directions on getting down to the lower level are found in a couple of the other quest walkthroughs here on GameBanshee). Use the computer in the office to bring up a list of cadavers (password is "Cowbell"). You'll find that Virgil died from heart failure and that his personal items are in storage B.

Move across the hallway to the room marked "Morgue". Virgil's corpse will be lying on a slab and a locked trunk sits in the corner. The trunk require a lockpick skill of 4 and holds only one item... a key for something called Foxy Boxes (grabbing the key gets you one point of Experience). You may remember seeing a building marked "Foxy Boxes" across from The Asylum, so we'll be heading there next.

As soon as you enter the Foxy Boxes warehouse, you'll be confronted by the Asian vampire. His name is Cathayan and he'll be using both a crossbow and a blade to defend himself. Once you've defeated him, you'll receive one point of Experience, but unfortunately there is nothing of value to grab from his corpse or elsewhere here in the warehouse. Return to Knox for one more point of Experience and the completion of the quest.