A Plague For the Angels
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When you first speak to Maximillian Strauss, the Tremere Regent that left you the cryptic invitation in the The Regent's Riddle quest, he will tell you about a disease that is spreading through the city. If you offer to investigate the cause of the epidemic, Strauss will suggest that you speak with the Anarchs at The Last Round for more information.

The Anarch you want to speak with is Damsel, the girl wearing the "Armee Troika" t-shirt just inside the bar. She will initially get bent out of shape about you helping LaCroix, but if you pick the right dialogue options, she'll eventually apologize. She'll then go on to tell you about the Plaguebearer, the Kindred responsible for the city's disease epidemic. If you offer to track the Plaguebearer down for the Anarchs, it will open a new quest called Fun With Pestilence. Since this new quest is directly linked to the one Strauss gave you, you can find all the specifics you need to track down and kill the Plaguebearers (and, eventually, Brother Vick) there.

Once Brother Vick has fallen, return to Strauss and let him know that you have taken care of the epidemic problem. As a reward, he'll offer you the choice of $350 in cash or an occult item called the Bloodstar that doubles the duration of the Blood Buff discipline.