Replanting a Lily
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Once you've freed Lily from her chair in the basement of the Medical Clinic during the Thinned Blood quest, you'll enter conversation with Vandal, the guy who runs the shady blood bank. Apparently Lily was "funding" his source of blood, so Vandal refuses to sell anymore to you until you set things straight. If you don't have $100 to bribe him and lack the needed Persuasion or Intimidation to get past him, Vandal proposes that you find a replacement victim for the chair. He recommends that you check The Asylum for an unwilling participant.

When you arrive at The Asylum, go up to the second floor (via the stairs, not the elevator). Hanging out by the balcony is a girl named Danielle, who just happens to be new to town. With enough Persuasion, you can convince Danielle to pay a visit to the clinic. When she agrees, you'll lose two points of Humanity, but a return visit to Vandal will get your blood purchasing rights back.

If your character is a Nosferatu... you cannot receive this quest. Instead of receiving a dialogue choice to find a replacement for Vandal, you'll only be able to say something along the lines that you're "not a people person". Offering a bribe or using Persuasion/Intimidation are your only options to get on Vandal's good side again.